The simplicity of light does not limit its multifaceted qualities. Of its many roles, light…



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The light of dawn chases and conquers the veil of darkness. Its presence arouses the minds, bodies, and souls of curiosity. Light challenges slumbering individuals. It prompts them to arise, move about, and explore new opportunities unfolding with the present day.


Upon infiltration, light brightens every space to reveal limitless possibilities and direction for a journey to various destinations. With the exception of darkness, light allows other life to exist in its presence. It oftentimes provides other elements of life essentials for their existence and growth. However, it never compromises its purpose. It remains steadfast in its endeavor to lighten, brighten, and shine.


The power of light encourages movement, fuels dormancy, and stimulates thoughts and ideas. Light energizes and attracts. The hearts and minds of progressive, forward-thinkers migrate towards it. For individuals and ideas to remain in a state of rest is difficult while being in the presence of light.


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Just as light incites action, it allows time for rest and reflection. Light invokes reflective thoughts during its evening decline. Reflections on daily goals, activities, and accomplishments are aroused as light descends into a temporary retreat. Its re-emergence the following day allows opportunities to act upon those previous reflections and once again engage in activities stimulated by its powerful presence.

Light maintains simplicity despite its multifaceted roles.

As beacons of light in education, consider how educators exhibit characteristics of light while maintaining a simplistic purpose. What are some other characteristics of light displayed in education?