I am always amazed of epiphanies I have when I spend time in nature. Watching nature shows how uniquely, ever-changing elements work together to comprise one harmonious environment, and it illustrates how new opportunities and lessons await us.

The Ever-Changing Elements of Nature

No matter how many instances I capture the sun rising or setting, clouds floating across the sky, or birds interacting, there is always something so beautifully different about each time. Whether it’s the twinge of red, orange, or pink in the sun’s approach or departure or episodes of a baby bird’s growth and learning, each moment is magnificently beautiful and adds to the harmonious movement of nature.

I briefly capture one of my experiences in nature with a Canon T6i in this video:

Made of Many to Comprise One

Nature, an assortment of heavenly bodies, seasons, and species (to name a few), renders a collection of differences that work together for the benefit of all. Tree branches with leaves swaying in the wind on a breezy day will likely not be called anything else, but how the sunlight peeks between various angles of those leaves dancing around the rhythmic breeze can have a totally different look from one minute to the next.

Interactions among a bird family will likely differ from one week to the next. One week a baby bird may follow closely behind its mother and father for a safe and secure walk from one destination to another. During a different week, however, mother and father may walk several strides ahead or behind the chick during their parental effort to give the growing bird space to learn.

I used a Sony A7 II camera  to capture nature in the “cool of the evening” during this brief video:

Nature is made of many components that engage in various activities to comprise one phenomenon. Nothing ever reoccurs the same in nature, which illustrates how each year, week, day, or moment presents new opportunities and lessons.

New Opportunities, New Lessons

Some people think of 2017 as a new opportunity. Seeing another year is definitely a gift. However, we receive that same gift uniquely wrapped in each week, day, and moment. Every moment of every day is a distinctive movement towards the future. The constant movement of time parallels the consistency of change. Nothing can be done about either. Our choice lies in what we do with each movement of opportunities and lessons.

As educators, new opportunities to learn, inspire, guide, help, and teach await us every second we encounter a student, parent, and/or colleague. Those opportunities encompass new lessons that will enable us to thrive on our quest to lead and learn. All educators should go forth throughout each week, day, and moment of this year engaging in the process of LIGHT with great expectations and verve.


The first video of nature was captured with a Canon T6i camera.

The second video of nature was captured with a Sony A7 II camera .