Choosing a lifestyle of intimacy with God is a journey—one that I explain as I review the book, CLING written by Kim Cash Tate.

I share thoughts about CLING in the following video as well as written thoughts below.

Contents of the Book

CLING begins with the introduction, “Invitation to Intimacy.” Right off, Kim shows transparency as she very openly shares an experience that requires her to CLING. She continues to weave her personal experiences throughout the book to show the importance of daily CLINGing to God.

In addition, she documents or references specific biblical accounts of people in the Bible CLINGing to God and in some cases, when they did not. Now, that I think about it, I am not sure that saying she documents or references is an accurate depiction of what she does because in some cases, I heard her voice narrating what was actually happening with people in the Bible. In some cases, it seems as if she tells the story from the person’s point of view. For example, the immoral woman who washed Jesus’ feet in the presence of people who might have thought of her as “immoral-” I could hear Kim telling that story. I could hear Kim’s voice narrating what the woman might have been thinking at that time. Kim uses this and many other fitting accounts from the Bible to convey thoughts about the importance of choosing a lifestyle of intimacy with God.

Kim also takes meticulous care in showing us the most important part of CLINGing. From boldly letting us know that we were “created” and then “re-created to CLING,” to affectionately explaining God’s intimate side and passionately letting us know the importance of us personally knowing God’s intimate side, Kim’s shows the importance of CLINGing. Kim delicately shows the tough realities of trials that we face and disobedience that we sometimes choose but not without declaring our victory in Jesus! Just in case I did not express the most important part of CLINGing, it is the depth of God’s love…

A love that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

A love that wants us to deeply know Him.

Each chapter and each example of CLING shows us just how choosing a lifestyle of intimacy with God provides us with above all we could ever ask or think.

The study guide included in the back of the book could be used with or without the CLING DVD that is sold separately. The guide gives step-by-suggestions of what readers can do to use CLING as a study tool over the course of six sessions. For example, each study guide session suggests CLING chapters and sections of Bible chapters to read as well as a specific verse (s) of scripture to memorize. It also gives thought-provoking discussion questions that would stimulate group conversation or individual thought.

One Reader’s Experience

Reading CLING was a different experience from that of reading one of Kim’s Christian romance novels. Her distinctive writer’s voice greeted me as soon as I began reading, and as usual, I found myself engrossed in another “page turner” as I read about her personal CLINGing experiences. Frequent page turning slowed to a crawl when she explain how specific instances illustrated her CLINGing or lack thereof. With each experience and explanation, she connects specific scripture. This prompted me as a reader to reflect on my day-to-day walk with God. Therein lies the difference between reading one of Kim’s Christian novels and CLING. It was not about characters, conflicts, and a plot of events. It was all about my intimacy with God. It was totally about me interacting with the living and breathing Word of God.

My active reading obsession continued throughout CLING. I found myself underlining key words, highlighting phrases that resonated with me, and noting thoughts on sticky notes as I read. The most powerful occurrence when reading CLING was my prayer pauses. CLING’s words were so powerful that they compelled me to pause and pray after listening to God’s heart. Sometimes I had to put the book down to really meditate on what I had read. Indeed, reading CLING prompted me to spend more intimate time with God meditating on his goodness and praising Him for who He has and continues to be in my life.

As for thoughts on those sticky notes, some of them did not stay affixed on pages of the book. I often took them out and placed those handwritten notes on my bathroom mirror so that they would be the last thoughts I would see at night or the first visual thoughts I laid eyes on in the morning. Every case of seeing those encouraging thoughts fed my spirit. Posting my noted thoughts, and in some cases, scriptures led me to thinking about what the spiritual food I had read in the book thought meant for me at that time. It also kept me continuously CLINGing to God.

CLING for the Educator

Choosing a lifestyle of intimacy with God sheds light on His love for us and others. CLINGing to God’s thoughts and His ways compels us to be more like Him. The educator who CLINGs and learns more about God’s love learns, inspires, guides, helps, and teaches with more compassion and more patience. Being an effective educator is all about relationships. Relationships with others sometimes reflect the type of relationship we have with God. I am now realizing that the CLINGing educator has better access to attributes to make him or her a more effective educator.

Final Thoughts

Reading this book was like no other, and I highly recommend it. However, I will say that satisfaction will depend on the reader’s appetite. CLING will not satisfy the appetite for Christian romance, nor will it fulfill the urge for self-help. Help in CLING is choosing to become more intimate with God’s love which sustains us from day to day. In no way is an individual’s choosing self-help; rather, it is God’s help during total surrender and reliance on His love which save us and sustains us from day to day.

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