A little over a week ago, Florida teachers struggled to answer students’ questions about Irma, the Category 5 storm threatening Florida’s coast. Just after having conversations about Irma “what if’s” with colleagues during class change, teachers resisted the urge to constantly check their phones for updates about the storm’s path when class began. They struggled with the task of following their lesson plans to deliver instruction while maintaining the “classroom calm” during an impending storm.

School cancellations and mandatory evacuations for select Florida areas validated the angst. There were no more suspicions; Irma was a true threat. With fresh images of Hurricane Harvey devastation in Texas, teachers, students, and their families prepared as best they could for the impact of Irma.

The past few tumultuous weeks have resulted in an array of experiences for [us] Florida residents. As we anticipated the storm, we wondered about whether or not we would lose our homes, loved ones, and/or our lives.

By the grace of God, we Floridian and Texan educators survived the storm. We have at least one more opportunity to positively impact the lives of students. However, some of us will return to disarray and dismantled classrooms. In addition to planning lessons and tending to needs of students traumatized by the storms, teachers will have to rebuild their classrooms before they can restore their normal learning environments.

To help restore and rebuild, LIGHT in Education is offering a giveaway of general education supplies for two teachers in any area affected by Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma.

This video gives more details about the giveaway.

Be sure to comment on the video if you are a teacher in any affected area who would like the opportunity to receive these free general education supplies.

Details of the giveaway are as follows:

  1. Leave a comment on the YouTube video answering the following questions:
    • How does one of your colleagues inspire you.
    • What school and city (where) do you teach.
    • What grade level do you teach.
  2. Share this video with an educator.
  3. Remember that the deadline to enter is September 30, 2017

My prayers continue for each school, teacher, and student who will return to classes as a part of the efforts to restore and rebuild nurturing, supportive, and stimulating classroom learning environments.